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Kenya: Cholera outbreak, a number of cases in Nairobi
Venezuela: Further anti govenrment protests planned.
Brazil. On 11 May 2017 government announces that the Zika virus emergency has ended.
Turkey: President Erdogan wins referendum
Kenya: severe drought affecting much of the country
Sri Lanka: Outbreak of Dengue Fever
Brazil: Yellow Fever outbreak in Minas Gerais
SE Asia: Increase in cases of Dengue Fever across the region
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Fiji: Dengue Fever outbreak.
SE Asia: Increase in cases of Dengue Fever across the region
Turkey - High threat from Terrorism, especaily in Ankara & Istanbul





Flooding in Zimbabwe and further rain forecasted

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The Middle East

Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Libya

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Travelling Africa

Africa is less popular travel destination but offer huge opportunities.  Many counties in North and Central Africa should not be visited due to security issues.

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travelling in Iran

I have just returned from 10 wonderful days traveling in Iran. Whilst it may be slightly off the beaten track for a gap year traveller, I joined my son and two friends who are driving from London to Beijing on thier gap year. Iran is also a popular destination for many people doing the Mongol Rally.  Below are my thoughts on the country and some practical advice.

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Indian Sub Continent

Key Safety Points for travelling India, Sri Lanka, Burma & Nepal. The greatest risk is from road traffic accidents and getting sick, especailly in India. Contracting Dengue fever is certainly a risk  in many parts, use insect repellant with 50% DEET to reduce the risk. In the winter months pollution is a serious probelms in the big cites of India and seems to be getting only worse.

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Colombia Nov 2016

In the middle of November 2016 I returned to Colombia for the first time since 1990. The country has clearly had a torrid last two decades (well really five), just mentioning it’s name prompt comments about Pablo Escobar, rebel gangs and a generally thoroughly dangerous place. Happily things are improving, Escobar met a sticky end in a roof top shoot out in 1993 and from the turn of the century President Uribe took on the rebel groups, principally the FARC and ELN

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South Island New Zealand

First visit to South Island New Zealand and some thougths on Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sound and Kaikoura.

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