India is certainly one of the most interesting countries to visit and generally is relatively safe. We would suggest travellers focus on minising the chances of getting sick and not getting squashed on the roads! There are certain areas  in India which may not be safe to visit, for example Assam, West Bengal, parts of Kashmir near the Pakistan border. Reading the Indian newspapers is an excellent way of keeping in touch with the local security issues and check the FCO advice on

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are well travelled, scams in Thailand are more prevelent than elsewhere in the region. The south of Thailand is locked in an insurgency situation and should be avoided. Its well worth considering going to Burma, whilst it has an authoritarian regime, the locals relish contact from abroad and you will be warmly welcomed. We suggest you don't talk politics whilst in Burma. China is generally safe, so much to explore. We are after good feedback from visitors to the Stans; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc.     

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